Broadcast Bulk Messages

Easily execute extensive promotional WhatsApp campaigns through simple CSV uploads or by selecting specific segments from your customer Contacts. Efficiently design and oversee your campaigns for optimal outcomes.

1. Tailor template WhatsApp messages for individualized communication with each contact.

2. Support for numerous languages and dialects facilitates broader customer engagement.

3. Expand your reach to connect with customers and prospects worldwide.

4. Enhance sales and support in rapidly evolving markets.

Chatbot Without Coding

Swiftly create automated chatbots to handle a high volume of basic inquiries effectively. Streamline responses for both sales and support messages through automation. Develop and launch an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot within just 5 minutes – no coding required. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, link templates, and start crafting your own chatbot effortlessly today! Save time by eliminating manual responses to routine sales or support queries.

Time-Saving Solution

Utilize chatbots to efficiently address routine inquiries and save valuable time.

Intuitive Chatbot Creation

Craft chatbots effortlessly with the use of logical flows for a seamless and intuitive building process.

Send Auto Replies

Unlock the power of the auto-reply feature to streamline customer communication. Easily configure automated responses that seamlessly engage with your customers during those times when you may not be available to respond personally.

Default Bot

Efficiently handle customer queries with our default bot, providing instant responses to customer nudges.

Custom Bot

Tailor your responses with precision using our Custom Bot, which responds intelligently based on specific keywords provided by the customer.

Unsubscribe Bot

Empower your customers to opt-out temporarily with the unsubscribe bot. Once unsubscribed, customers remain off the messaging list until you choose to whitelist them again or they opt-in, ensuring a personalized and respectful communication experience.

Team Inbox

Engage in customer conversations seamlessly through a robust chat portal, simplifying the management of interactions with customers and prospects. Enhance conversation organization by assigning location based customer chats to specific team members.

View all messages, threads, and conversations. Foster transparent communication, personalize user and customer interactions to create a more tailored experience. Capitalize on personalized conversations to cultivate opportunities, and provide ongoing updates and support to customers.

Manage Customer Contacts

You can effortlessly upload your contact data and categorize it based on key factors such as age, location, and product preferences. This innovative feature allows you to target specific customer segments without the hassle of repeatedly uploading Excel sheets. For those who prefer the traditional approach, we've got you covered – you can still upload Excel sheets for seamless campaign execution. WAInteract ensures that all your valuable customer data is consolidated in one centralized location, empowering you to run campaigns with unparalleled efficiency.

No Code Customer Flow Creation

Dive into the world of personalized engagement by creating customer flows tailored to capture specific responses. Whether you aim to generate leads, conduct surveys, schedule appointments, or facilitate Q&A sessions, WAInteract empowers you to design custom flows that align with your objectives. Picture this – seamlessly guiding your audience through a series of interactions, and based on their responses, triggering actions like sending custom reports.

The versatility of WAInteract allows for a myriad of use cases, adapting to your unique goals, whether they involve boosting sales, enhancing services, or delivering exceptional customer support.

Get Analytics & Reports

At WAInteract, we believe in providing comprehensive insights into your messaging campaigns. Gain a thorough understanding of your outreach efforts through detailed reports on sent, delivered, read, and failed messages directly accessible on our user-friendly portal. Our reporting system goes the extra mile, offering the flexibility to download reports based on location and specific campaigns. Dive into the data effortlessly and extract valuable information tailored to your needs.